About Me

My name is Ai Sasaki. Nice to meet you!

Ai SasakiI am Japanese from a city called Himeji which is about an hour from Osaka by train. I moved to Portugal with my husband and son in 2009, first living in Cascais and finally settling down in Ericeira.

I have a great interest in Japanese arts and have studied and practiced flower arranging, Japanese calligraphy (shuji), Japanese tea ceremony (ocha), Japanese paper folding (origami), jewellery making (sweet deco) and Japanese cooking.

Since moving to Portugal I have been surprised and delighted to find out that sushi is very popular here. Many people are interested in Japan and Japanese cuisine and have asked me to prepare authentic Japanese dishes for them. Through this I have made many friends. I really enjoy showing people Japanese culture and one of the best ways to do this is through sushi.

Since moving to Ericeira I have been doing sushi catering and teaching sushi making workshops, mostly in the Cascais, Lisbon and Ericeira areas. This is a great source of pleasure for me and I hope this is evident when you eat my sushi!

My other passion is Japanese jewellery making. The art of "sweet deco" is very popular in Japan and involves creating tiny cakes and sweets (and other food, such as sushi) out of clay and then making jewellery with them. Please visit my sweet-deco website and online shop to see more: http://www.aisjewellery.com.

In 2012 I went back to Japan for a sushi training trip. I worked alongside Mr. Shigeo Miyata, a master sushi chef and multiple winner of the best sushi chef in Western Japan. He taught me many of the fine techniques of making sushi which I now use when I make sushi in Portugal.

making sushi in Japan (fish on top of a finger of rice) making maki-sushi (rolled sushi) slicing sushi